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I am Sydney based Interior designer and have been working with other firms as a color consultant also. I have always been questioned about one of my signature styles, one piece of furniture I would choose to lighten up a room. This may sound a bit clichéd but if my client really wants to create an IT look for their room or their dining hall, I would always suggest concentrating on the lighting and different lighting accessories in the room.

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Many of my clients have different style preferences and have various thinking styles when it comes to their home but we always have a joint peaceful consensus on good lighting. I recently came across some images from the latest edition of the Zanui Furniture and Life wares magazine and can’t stop oohing and ashing on the lantern chandeliers. I have only seen a few pictures online or in the magazine and feel that this is one pretty chandelier I would love to get it installed either at my place or at some clients place.


So, after seeing this online I tried seeing some other chandeliers options currently available at the Zanui Furniture and Life ware and was amazed at the huge Zanui discount I got on getting registered at their website. The Zanui Discount code made it easier for me to make a decision on buying something expensive but light on the pocket. I even cheated on my budget by ordering an extra pair of side lamps with the discount I got.

Zanui furniture and home wares also had a kids lamp sections.  My girls Hannah 11 and Ashley 7 were after me for getting some fun and creative lamps for their bed sides. I had been delaying there demand for a while but as soon as I got my Zanui coupon code I swiftly went through the kids lamp section and bought a pair of cute girl swinging on the tree lamps, which matched perfectly with my girls room and also complimented the color combination of my girls room .

My guest room has this incomplete look and I really feel I should have added a pair of lamps their too, I am currently going through some of the most creative lamp designs and feel some of them might fit my guest room perfectly. Though the lamps are a bit on the higher side but my Zanui promo code. You should definitely try visiting their website and I am sure you will not be disappointed with their variety.


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